Fresh Orange Soap Bar

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NATURAL SOAP BARS – Looking for a bar soap that smells as good as it feels? Fresh Orange Soap Bar has got you covered! With a refreshing blend of orange and rosemary aromas, this soap will leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead. Formulated with plant-based ingredients and coloured with annatto seed, this soap is both eco-friendly and effective. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a bubbly, luxurious lather with  Fresh Orange Soap Bar.



NATURAL SOAP BARS – Start your day feeling fresh and energized with ashbury Bloom’s Fresh Orange Bar Soap. Made with natural ingredients and coloured with annatto seed, our soap is gentle on your skin and the planet.

To ensure that your soap lasts longer we recommend:

  1. Store your soap in a dry place: Keeping your soap dry is crucial to its longevity. After each use, place your soap on a dry soap dish or a well-ventilated area where it can dry out completely before the next use.
  2. Use a soap saver: A soap saver is a small pouch made of natural fibres that can hold your soap. It can help you keep your soap dry and allows air to circulate around it, preventing it from becoming mushy.
  3. Cut your soap into smaller pieces: This will help the soap to dry out quicker and extend its lifespan as well as make it easier to hold.

Learn more about why natural soap is better on our Blog.

Aqua (Water), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut) Oil, Sodium Olivate (Olive) Oil, Sodium Palmate (Palm) Oil, Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter), Sodium Castorate (Castor) Oil, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil, Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Hibiscus) Petals, Bixa Orellana (Annatto) Seed Powder

Net wt. 130g

NOTE: Actual product may not be exactly as shown – we are transitioning from crinkle to straight-cut style! As a result, you may receive a straight-cut style soap instead.


Additional information

Weight .130 kg
Dimensions 2.8 × 7 × 7.5 cm

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    love the soaps~

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