Wholesale Bath and Body Products in Canada and the U.S with ashbury BLOOM•

Expand your business, save on bulk orders, and delight your customers with our products made with simple, clean, and natural ingredients.

Welcome to ashbury BLOOM• your premier partner for wholesale natural bath and body products in Canada and the U.S. Discover the meticulous process behind our exquisite line, including natural shower steamers, soaps, bath bombs, soy wax candles, bath salts, and more. Find out how we craft and distribute these exceptional products sustainably.

Step 1: Premium Ingredients Selection

At ashbury BLOOM• quality begins with sourcing premium natural ingredients. We source our ingredients from local farmers, suppliers and our own herb gardens.  Our range includes soothing botanicals, pure essential oils, and eco-friendly materials and packaging, ensuring every product meets our high standards for purity and effectiveness. Keeping our ingredients simple, clean and natural to create non-toxic products is an important value of our brand. To learn more about us click here.

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Step 2: Formulation and Development

Our formulations keep nature in mind to create luxurious products like natural shower steamers, soaps, and bath bombs, because we know nature is what feeds our body, mind and our skin. Each formulation delivers superior skincare benefits and an indulgent bathing experience.

Step 3: Eco-Friendly Packaging

We prioritize sustainability with our packaging, using recyclable vessels for our soy wax candles, bath salts, and more. Our minimalist designs not only reduce environmental impact but also enhance product aesthetics. We’ve taken significant steps to redesign and update our product packaging to align with our commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

Step 4: Wholesale Partnership

Partnering with ashbury BLOOM• means more than just a transaction; it’s a collaboration in promoting health, wellness and self- care. We offer comprehensive support for retailers across Canada and the U.S, ensuring mutual success in the market.

Step 5: Quality Assurance

Before our products reach your shelves, they undergo quality control checks. From batch testing to packaging inspections, we ensure excellence in every aspect of our wholesale process.

Step 6: Efficient Distribution

We streamline fulfillment to ensure timely distribution. From natural shower steamers to soy wax candles, our logistics prioritize efficiency while maintaining product integrity.

Wholesaling natural bath and body products with ashbury BLOOM•  is a testament to craftsmanship and sustainability. Our dedication to premium ingredients and eco-friendly products ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality. Join us in offering customers in Canada and the U.S the best in natural skincare and bathing indulgence.

Join our wholesale program and bring the relaxation of ashbury BLOOM• natural products to your customers – fill out our wholesale contact form today!

ashbury BLOOM

ashbury BLOOM proudly offers an extensive selection of bath & body essentials, including Natural Soaps, Bath Salts & Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, and eco-friendly home products. Our premium-quality range is thoughtfully crafted for wellness and relaxation. Discover our products online and at select retailers throughout Canada & the United States, ensuring easy access to our luxurious, eco-friendly items designed for you.

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